About Us

Ates, with a modern management approach, high product quality, delivery, service assurance and high-performing perfectly combines the flexibility of a company.

is an international company founded in Germany in 2000, still brand new, modern and dynamic in the service of our customers.

In 2010 We have opened our third factory in Kahramanmaras to serve you in Turkey.

Our goal is reach every city of Turkey, within 200 km distance.

Large gas companies are partnering with a major, active, dry ice and gas in the innovation, progress, and is a leading manufacturer specialized in the target area.

Ates, since its inception, and that gives priority to customer satisfaction have been successful, well-known, trusted brand. High quality products, reasonable prices and within the country and abroad as fever, seek to develop business relationships with you.

Dry ice is always at your service to fulfill the requests in the best way.

For us, first of all, product quality, after-sales service and absolute customer satisfaction is of great importance.

Best Regards ...