Multi-function Dry Ice Machines

  • Automation system for all machine types: Siemens S7-200 PLC and TP177 micro touch sreen panel
  • High quality components and materials used for long-life, failure-free operation
  • All materials are protected against corrosion effect
  • Flexible design targeting easy operation and maintenance
  • Easy to use touch-screen user interface
  • All-in-one design provides both block and pellets operation. It is possible to switch between different molds in a few minutes.
  • It is possible to provide electronically controlled pressure (force) for different types of molds. In combination with special mold design this brings perfectly equal and mass effective parts
  • High effective and silent hydraulic circuit designed for long life trouble free operation


Model Outer dimensions
Hydraulic oil
Hydraulic Pump
Motor (KW)
AT-200 2900x1030x2900 240 7.5 200 4.5
AT-400 2900x1030x2900 360 11 400 4.6
AT-800 2900x1030x2900 740 18.5 800 4.9
AT-1600 2900x1030x2900 720 18.5 1600 9.8