Dry Ice Containers

The Ates ISO-BOX was developed by us as an experienced dry ice producer. Because the ISO BOX is made of compression-moulded polyethylene fibre glass it guarantees minimal evaporation and is quite sturdy for transportation.
All parts like hinges, closure parts, or handles are embedded and strong conjoint with compressed fibre glass.

Transport and Storage of Dry ice

The ISO BOX is ideal for transportation of food.
Particularly convenient is the ISO BOX for transportation and storage of dry ice. Silicone seal is inserted for keeping it secure and safe.

Unbroken cooling chain

Distribution is a very sensitive phase of the cooling chain because of loading and unloading and the door openings of the vihicle many times. The unbroken cooling chain will be guaranteed by using OKNAL ISO BOX. The ISO BOX is the perfect solution for transportation of temperature sensitive products. OKNAL ISO-BOXES are easy to use, reliable and safe.


Model Outer dimensions
Inner dimensions
ISO Container 102 620x700x700 420x500x550 115 Polyurethanefoam Polyester-Fiberglass
ISO Container 202 720x800x700 520x600x550 171 Polyurethanefoam Polyester-Fiberglass
ISO Container 303 820x1200x700 620x1000x550 339 Polyurethanefoam Polyester-Fiberglass
ISO Container 401 1020x1200x770 820x1000x620 507 Polyurethanefoam Polyester-Fiberglass
ISO Container 504 1220x1200x770 1020x1000x620 632 Polyurethanefoam Polyester-Fiberglass
  • Toggle latches
  • Stackable container via compression-moulded metal plate on the lid
  • One-piece silicone seal
  • Special sturdy hinges integrated in the steel construction
  • 4 countersunk mounted handles
  • Opening aid and locking through hydraulic cylinder
  • Drain plug
  • Castor, base fitted with 4 swivelling wheels, 2 with brake (also with removable 4 fitted steel framed feet)